Lisa Dobbs
A Birmingham, AL native, a civil engineer, and amazing woman!


Chris Comfort
A Fort Lauderdale, FL native, a nuclear engineer, and one lucky guy!


While in Nashville...

Honda PilotIt all started on April 14, 2006.  Lisa and Chris had their first date.  And now today, December 22, 2007 they are Engaged. 

The first trip that Chris and Lisa took was to Nashville, TN with another couple.  It was a special trip, the first of many.  It was during this trip that Chris started to fall in Love with Lisa.  They walked around the city, had a nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant, and spent quality time with each other really getting to know one another.

Therefore, it is fitting that the location of their first trip would also be the site of "The Proposal."

Chris and Lisa returned to Nashville to see “The Rockettes.” Due to unforseen circumstances with the delivery of jewlrey Chris and Lisa drove to Nashville on their own. Arriving a few hours after everyone else. Lisa came to see Chris before heading downstairs to meet everyone else and they began reminiscing about their first trip to Nashville. Lisa was anxious to catch up with her family, and were both hungry after our drive, but I had to stall. In my pocket was the ring, in my heart was my love for Lisa, and in my thougths was how was I going to do this! I finally was able to position Lisa in front of the window (in the picture above). Lisa had her head on my chest and asked why my heart was beating so fast. Maybe I was a little nervous at the question I was intending to ask. I told her that we did not have to hurry, that we would be spending our lives together and with that got down on my knees and asked Lisa to marry me. For which she smiled her famous smile but failed to actually answer. I asked her again...  

Lisa’s answer, “Yes!

Chris and Lisa would like to share their happiness with everyone today.  We hope that your Holidays are wonderful and we will get in touch soon.

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