Lisa Dobbs
A Birmingham, AL native, a civil engineer, and amazing woman!


Chris Comfort
A Fort Lauderdale, FL native, a nuclear engineer, and one lucky guy!


Thanks Honda Motors!

Honda PilotThat sounds crazy! It does, but in fact it is the truth. Lisa drives a golden 2003 Honda Pilot and Chris drives a golden 2004 Honda Pilot.

One afternoon both Lisa and Chris were walking to their respective cars, or so each thought. Lisa was slightly in front of Chris and heading to what she believed was her car. This was reinforced when she hit the button to disarm her security system and the lights flashed.

Unbeknownst to Lisa, Chris was walking to the same car and had attempted to disarm the security system at the same time.

Lisa opened the door and started to get in. It was then that she determined that it was not her car. Embarrassed, she quickly shut the door and ran behind Chris's car and headed straight to her Pilot.

Chris laughed at Lisa mistaking their cars but Lisa was gone before he could say anything. Chris and Lisa did not know each other, but this was the start.

A few weeks later as Chris was walking from his Pilot he noticed Lisa heading into the office as well. Chris commented that they were parked very far apart so there should be no confusing them later that afternoon. Lisa politely laughed.

Chris and Lisa introduced themselves and chatted as they walked into the office. Later that day Chris sent Lisa an email to say hello. During the course of the day they agreed to meet for lunch on April 14, 2006.

That was the start of their relationship. Now, twenty months later they begin planning for the future, together, in earnest.

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