Lisa Dobbs
A Birmingham, AL
native, a civil
engineer, and
amazing woman!


Chris Comfort
A Fort Lauderdale,
FL native, a
nuclear engineer,
and one lucky guy!

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Thanks Honda Motors!

That sounds crazy! It does, but in fact it is the truth. Lisa drives a golden 2003 Honda Pilot and Chris drives a golden 2004 Honda Pilot.

One afternoon both Lisa and Chris were walking to their respective cars, or so each thought...


Some Wedding Pics Available!

See them here

We are currently finalizing our registry.  Once that is complete we will be sure to include all of the information here.

The date of the wedding has been set, Friday evening July 25, 2008 in Birmingham, AL. See our Wedding page!

The location has been selected, the Wedding and Reception will be at The Wynfrey Hotel.

Delta, United, Southwest, American, and many other airlines fly into Birmingham airport. Airports that are not too far, Atlanta (two and a half hours) and Huntsville (102 miles).


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